Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Why isn't the dog barking?

Why aren't we hearing about the good guys finding and killing bad guys and blowing up their training facilities around the world? Why aren't we hearing about the good guys finding and arresting bad guys here at home?

We should take it as a given that the terrorists are plotting to launch terror attacks on Americans and American interests here at home and abroad. Some of these plots may only be in the 'Mohammad, we should do something' stages, while other plots will be further along, to the point where people are being put in place and material procured for the attack.

And yet we're not hearing reports of Predator missiles or American special forces striking terrorist targets in places such as Yemen and other places where planning takes place. The terrorists have to be training somewhere, as they had previously done in Afghanistan, and yet we're not hearing of any attacks on these facilities.

With a couple of notable exceptions, we're not hearing of the FBI making arrests of suspected terrorists here in the United States. We have to assume that a not insignificant number of Muslim fanatics here in the United States, whether here legally or not, have to be plotting to attack this building or that airbase or this school or that shopping center, yet we're not hearing of any arrests, we're not seeing US Attorney standing next to FBI agents proudly announcing the arrest of X number of conspirators.

And while there may be a reason why we wouldn't want to make such announcements, whether of arrests or attacks on terrorist facilities, we know the Bush Administration and Congress can not keep a secret, so we'd expect the news of such attacks to have ended up in the NYT or Washington Post. And were these attacks or arrests be taking place, we would be hearing complaints from the countries attacked, the relatives of those killed or arrested. We'd see locals claiming the target was an aspirin factory, we'd be hearing complaints that the people killed were civilians and not terrorists. It is inconceivable, inconceivable, inconceivable that everybody, on both sides of the fight, would be keeping these things to themselves; somebody would be talking and the fact they're not makes me very nervous, very nervous indeed.

It's not that I expect the US to be able to strike every terrorist base and to arrest every terrorist that is here in the United States. It's just that, as the saying goes, the terrorists only have to win one every now and then to be successful, while we have to be perfect, our not getting any outs leaves me thinking the odds of a successful (from their perspective) terrorist attack has gone up, way up.

Anybody else nervous at the lack of successful (from our perspective) news on this front?