Friday, October 19, 2007

While Fred Thompson claims to have voted 100% with the anti-abortion forces while he was a Senator from Tennessee,, I really don't have a lot of respect for someone who allowed himself to be bought with the dollars offered up by abortion rights groups. If he is (was?) against abortion, then he ought to do nothing - in both private life and in public service - that benefits those providing abortions.

Which is the real Thompson: the one voting against abortion rights, perhaps with an eye towards re-election, or the one who thinks nothing wrong with him using his skill and contacts to help the very people he is/was casting votes against? That I don't know and can't tell makes me hesitant to support him.

And it's not just Thompson and abortion, it's any politician who takes a public position that runs counter to what they have done or are doing in private life. It's the anti-gay rights politician who is homosexual. It's John Edwards getting all upset over the treatment some homeowners are getting from their mortgage providers, all while he is pocketing money from the very sorts of people he is railing against, or his blasting Murdoch at the same time he is taking money from a Murdoch subsidiary.

Perhaps if our politicians were a bit more consistent, then they wouldn't rank near the bottom of the barrel.