Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In yet another sign that the Post just doesn't comprehend what is going on Iraq, their headline today reads U.S. Warns Iraq to Halt Rebel Raids On Turkey...

... but it isn't 'Iraq' that is attacking Turkey, it is Kurdish separatists who wish to carve parts of Iraq and Turkey into a country of their own who have attacked Turkey.

.. and 'Iraq' has no power or ability to stop the Kurds from attacking Turkey. There's no 'Iraqi' Army or police force that can or will be sent into the Kurdish areas to clamp down on these attacks, so just who is supposed to, as the paper reports, 'take concrete steps to crack down on Kurdish rebels operating against Turkey"?

Of course, the Post can be excused (in part) because the Bush Administration doesn't seem to recognize reality either. They've pushed Turkey to hold back retaliating against terrorist attacks (which describers what the Kurds are doing) when they ought to know, as is clear from their own rhetoric elsewhere, that not striking back against terrorists only leads to more attacks. They push the so-called Iraqi leaders to take action when they know full well the Iraqi leaders, even if they had resources at their disposal, would never redeploy their forces from battling Al Qaeda to the Kurdish areas of Iraq.

All in all, illustrative of the Bush Administration's cluelessness and inability to pull together their foreign policy in a cohesive and consistent way. Here, as they should, they're backing Turkey and (finally) giving them a green light to take military action. Yet, at the same time, they push Israel to hold back from striking at the terrorists who are attacking them, even though there's not much of a difference between the two situations. The Palestinians want territory and strike at the country they believe is standing in their way... doesn't this describe the Kurdish situation as well?

The Bush Administration, because they were so happy that at least one area of Iraq wasn't plagued by intramural violence, left the Kurds alone to plan and conduct these attacks against Turkey, a major ally of both US and Israel, and a country facing its own fundamentalist threat. Just how does this fit in with the 'you're with us or you're against us' mentality that Bush once had?