Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I have apparently been banned as a commenter on The Moderate Voice for committing the sin of pointing out that Joe Gandelman, proprietor of the site, was rather inconsistent (I used the word 'hypocrite' which in hindsight, was a tad inflammatory) in his criticizing conservatives for actions while never seeing fit to criticize liberals for doing the very same thing.

And boy did that piss Joe off. Rather than either admit his inconsistency or point out that he had in fact criticized Democrats for that type of behavior (as opposed to criticizing them for other things), he blew his top and threatened to ban me for being insulting and for 'not sticking to the topic'.

But, and here's the fun part, the topic of the post WAS about the tactic of criticizing the messenger. It wasn't about the pros or cons of expanding the program. Joe had taken a shot at the GOP for daring to criticize the two families that the Democrats had trotted out as poster children for expanding the program.

Accordingly, I felt - and feel - that it was fair game to point out that his outrage seemed to be rather one sided. Someone who complains about the tactics one side uses in a fight lacks credibility if they don't likewise object when 'their' side does the same thing.

Well, to my surprise (not really, I'm being facetious), that didn't go over very well. Apparently, the left (which Joe, despite his 'moderate' self-labeling, is quite liberal) believes they should never be criticized, that criticizing others is reserved for liberals. As a result, my last comment has been unceremoniously deleted from the posting.

And so be it. Joe has chosen to not allow anyone to criticize him. As I told him, it's his blog so he gets to set the rules... and if one of his rules is that nobody gets to criticize him, as he controls the delete button, then we ain't going to see anybody criticizing Joe. Joe, deleting the comments of those who dare to point out that you ain't so perfect doesn't make you perfect.

A final note: Joe had linked my posts on more than one occasion and had actually referred to this blog on a TV appearance. I was and remain thankful to Joe for having done so. But during this whole episode, it occurred to me: Joe only linked to me when I was being critical of the GOP. I can't recall a single time Joe ever thought one of my posts critical of the Democrats was worthy of mention. Interesting.... very interesting.