Monday, September 03, 2007

While I always picked either the Phoenix Suns or the San Antonio Spurs whenever they played the Dallas Mavericks, I would usually root for the Mavs when they played the other teams in the league. I liked Nowitzki and Avery Johnson, and while Mark Cuban could be a bit over the top, he was far from what I usually consider an a****le owner (i.e., Daniel Snyder, Jerry Jones).

But no longer will I root for the Mavericks. With his bankrolling and endorsing, "Redacted", an anti-American film that depicts American soldiers as rapists and murderers, Cuban has crossed the line from entertaining buffoon to full-fledged American Idiot.

There are some things one can not do and hope to keep me on board. This movie is one of them.

Here's hoping for a sub-par season and an early exit from the NBA playoffs.

Oh, yeah I forgot, here's to hoping he falls and really breaks his leg... on Dancing with the Stars.