Monday, September 17, 2007

Remember that requiring every American to have health insurance, as Hillary Clinton is proposing, is guaranteed to have one or both of the following consequences:

(1) The cost of your own health insurance will go up, as insurance companies charge you more to offset the loss from providing insurance to all comers. It would be one thing if insurance companies could charge the currently uninsured premiums commensurate with the risk, but there's no way HillaryCare will allow that to happen; those who currently lack insurance because of medical conditions that make them uninsurable won't have to pay any more for insurance under HillaryCare than you do. As a result, since the insurance companies will take a loss on these new policies (which, for those of you who didn't take basic business classes in school, is what happens when claims paid exceed the amount of premiums collected), they'll be forced to charge you more for your coverage.

(2) Your benefits will go down, as insurance companies seek to offset the costs of providing insurance to all comers by some combination of higher premiums, higher co-pays, cutting back on what they pay for the medical expenses that are covered or completely eliminating certain categories of medical expenses.

(3) Your taxes will go up in order to raise money to pay for health insurance for those who don't have 'enough' money to pay for it themselves. Never mind that those without health insurance don't lack money, per se, that could be used for health insurance, it's that they've spent their money on other things... not all of which fall into the category of necessities.

It's all well and good to cry crocodile tears for those who don't have health insurance... at least those who lack health insurance for reasons other than choice, spending the money that could buy insurance on non-essentials, health issues that are self-inflicted (smoking and obesity related diseases, failure to take care of oneself, etc.).

It's another thing altogether to propose a 'solution' (I use quotes because it is only a solution in the screwed up minds of liberals and those pandering for votes) that screws up a system that works pretty well for the vast majority of people.

The question is whether the vast majority of people for whom the system works will scream loudly enough to scare off the crazies who want to screw everything up. My guess is that we won't. The Hillarys of the world have gotten much better at packaging their loony ideas over the past 14 years. They'll use all sorts of wonderful sounding language in order to make it seem like we won't suffer in the least. It won't be true, but since when have politicians trolling for votes ever cared about telling the truth?