Wednesday, September 19, 2007

John at Powerline wonders, "why voters haven't seemed to be repelled by the Dems' wacky left wing for a long time"...

Well... it could be because the GOP has nobody on the offensive. There's no cohesive effort to let the American people know just how idiotic the Democrats in Congress are. Sure, conservative blogs jump all over the idiots, but all they're (we're) doing is preaching to the choir, it's not as if there's much chance conservative bloggers will be voting for Democrats anytime in the next twenty or thirty years.

What the GOP needs is for someone to take the lead in denouncing the left for the positions they take that are clearly at odds with the American public. The American public has no interest in socialized medicine, yet nobody on the right has gone after HillaryCareII. The American public isn't interested in having their votes diminished by giving DC residents representation in Congress, yet nobody on the right is out there decrying the Democrats' attempt to water down the votes of every Congressman. The American people aren't interested in having their taxes raised, yet, once again, there's nobody on the right taking the lead in ridiculing Charlie Rangel's silly proposals to pass a multi-billion dollar tax hike.

It's as if the GOP has never heard of the old adage 'if you don't defend yourself, don't expect anyone else to'. It truly boggles the mind why the GOP doesn't do more to defend its policies and programs and to attack the Democrats ideas. While the Democrats might have some temporary lead in the polls asking which party voters most trust on certain issues, their lead falls when voters are exposed to the details of what the Democrats really want to do.

It's a shame no one on the right side has the brains/guts to stand up and take on the Democrats.