Thursday, September 27, 2007

David Obey (D-Wisc) claims to have left the GOP during the McCarthy era...

Let's see, Obey was born in 1938. The 'McCarthy era' was pretty much on its last legs by the end of 1953...

... which means Obey would have been no older than 15 when he left the GOP?

... and if he was no older than 15 when he left the GOP, he must have been even younger than 15 when he joined the GOP?

... so instead of playing stickball and hanging out at the local malt shop and chasing girls, as was the norm for teenage boys of that era, Obey was sitting at home and paying attention to national politics?

... and even if Obey isn't making things up, just why should anyone really care about the back-and-forth political leanings of a young teenager?

... and if Obey isn't making things up, isn't his being that into politics that early prima facie evidence that he is a dork, lacking the solid grounding necessary to have anybody want him to be their representative?