Monday, September 17, 2007

As much as I'm not looking forward to having a Democrat as President, nor relishing what would happen if the Democrats increase their majority in Congress, I figure that would be our just desserts for not having objected to all the stupid things Bush and the GOP in Congress have done over the past six-plus years...

Why did we stay so quiet for so long, letting Bush screw things up so badly? Why didn't we a long time ago demand that he set objectives and timetables for Iraq? (funny how he for so long argued against doing what he has just done). Why didn't we tell him that he was doing a terrible job of getting his message to the American people on issues such as monitoring communications and interrogating detainees? (it's not as if the American people prefer the ACLU's position when put up against what the government was doing, it's just that when you don't step up and defend what you're doing, you lose any and all ability to influence the debate). Why didn't we tell him that his incompetent Press Secretaries were getting killed by the left? Why didn't we scream as he sat by and helped and watched federal spending skyrocket? Why didn't we point out to him after the 2004 election that the public was rejecting John Kerry and not, as Bush claimed, giving him a mandate? Why didn't we scream when his knee-jerk response to the criticism he received over Katrina was to open the federal spigot? Sure, we objected when he nominated Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court and when he pushed amnesty for illegal aliens, but there was so much more we could have - and should have - objected to.

And why didn't we a long time ago start complaining about corrupt Congressmen and Senators like Ted Stevens and Duke Cunningham? Why did we stay silent when the GOP leadership was agreeing to massive increases in federal spending? Where was the outrage when a supposedly GOP representative like Tom Davis in Virginia was boasting about a BILLION PLUS dollar earmark for expanding mass transit in the DC area? Why didn't we yell when our supposedly conservative representatives decided it was more important to not piss off the Democrats than to push conservative nominees and programs? Why didn't we demand that our representatives demand results from Bush's Iraq foray, rather than acquiesce and go along with Bush's pathetic demonization of those who opposed giving him a blank check to send thousands of American soldiers to their deaths?

Yeah, I know, I did object. But I'm going to get screwed anyway. My taxes will go up, my family and friends and I will be more at risk of a terrorist attack. My kids will learn less about what they need to learn and more on the latest liberal fad sweeping the education circuit.

And while the Democrats will be the ones pushing this damage on us, it wouldn't be right to blame them, anymore than it is right to blame a child for the stupid things they do; the Democrats simply lack the intelligence to know better. They're idiots, they believe things despite a complete lack of any logical foundation for doing so.

No, the fault will lie with the Republicans and conservatives who lost their voice over the past six years, those who, like Tom DeLay, got so enamored with power that they lost sight of what it means to be a conservative. We screwed up, and we're going to have to pay a hefty price for our greed, our stupidity, our carelessness, our silence.

And the fault will lie with those voters who, out of some desire to punish the GOP for their stupidity ,will actually vote for Democrats to run this country. Funny how the same people who would never think of hitting themselves in the head with a hammer as punishment for having done something stupid will do the metaphorical equivalent in voting for Democrats next year... for as bad as the GOP has been, the Democrats really, really aren't ready for prime time... they haven't been for thirty years and they're not ready now.