Tuesday, August 07, 2007

While much of the right-side is enjoying themselves in light of reports that Scott Thomas Beauchamp's retracted his allegations, there are two pieces in today's Washington Post that shows that they may have won this particular battle, but are losing the war...

The first reports that Basra is turning back into a cesspool of violence as the British pack up and leave the area. Despite Bush's (unrealistic) hopes that this wouldn't happen, that 'once-paciified', Basra would emerge as a beacon of hope for all of Iraq, the Shiite militias in the area have resumed fighting and killing over control of the area.

The second is an op-ed from a US Army officer who had served in Iraq and argues that there is indeed a civil war going on in Iraq right now, perhaps not one according to the classic definition, but one nonetheless. Shiites hate the Sunnis, Sunnis hate the Shiites, Sunnis kill the Shiites, Shiites kill the Sunnis.

Bush has made two (at least) incredibly stupid assumptions about Iraq. The first was that the Iraqis would be so happy to be rid of Hussein that they would set all of their historical animosities aside in order to build a free, democratic, liberal Iraq.

Obviously, that didn't happen. Nor did (nor will it ever) Bush's second fatal assumption, that the Iraqis really did want to live in peace and harmony with one another that the only thing keeping them from doing so was Al Qaeda, a few disgruntled insurgents, and that once these hard cases were dealt with, the Iraqis would end in living in peace and harmony, singing songs and buying the world Cokes.

Bush has gotten a lot of flak for his incompetence in managing post-invasion Iraq. But, realizing that I've used that word myself a fair amount in describing him, it really isn't the right word. It wouldn't have mattered how 'competent' Bush was, the problem is that he was trying to do the impossible in trying to build this utopia in the Middle East.

And when one tries to do the impossible, nothing is going to work, everything is going to fail and you're going to look stupid... and incompetent.

So go ahead guys, enjoy your chuckle over yet another liberal media outlet screwing things up... because the day is not far away when you are going to have to accept that everything you hoped Bush could accomplish in Iraq isn't going to happen... and the liberal media will sure be enjoying themselves when that day comes.