Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Spitting in the face of those who support you....

It appears as if '24', a show watched mostly by those with a conservative tilt, has signed wacky liberal Janeane Garofalo for the coming season.

This is a woman whose comments ("9/11 was an inside job", among others)have left conservatives (well, at least me) shaking their head, wondering just how stupid someone can be and still function.

And now, Joel Surnow, the producer of '24', has decided to make us watch her on a weekly basis?

No thanks, Joel. I wasn't sure I was going to watch the coming season anyway, as it seems as if they've run through all the workable scenarios and, as a result, the show has a big 'I've seen that already' aspect to it. They've done nukes (a couple of times), they've done assassinations, they've done poisons (a couple of times). I'm not sure what else there is that they can do that works with the 'have to deal with this threat in the next 24 hours' concept. But I do know that adding Garofalo isn't going to make me - and, I guess, lots of others, want to give the show the benefit of the doubt.