Friday, August 24, 2007

A reminder that the goal of the surge was not merely to have more American troops killing Al Qaeda terrorists, or even to get the Iraqis to start killing Al Qaeda terrorists, but to create an environment where the Iraqi people could come to grips with sharing power and living peacefully with one another.... and while our troops have done a fine job of seeking out and killing Al Qaeda terrorists, and there have been signs that at least some Iraqis have started to seek out and kill Al Qaeda terrorists, there have been no signs whatsoever that the Iraqis are ready to give up their grievances against one another and peacefully share power.

And the reasons for this go way beyond any shortcomings of Maliki, the current Iraqi Prime Minister. As much as it isn't polite to say so, the Iraqi people just aren't willing or ready or able to give up their historical grudges. The Shiites are not willing to give the Sunnis any real power, the Sunnis aren't prepared to give the Shiites any real power, and the Kurds aren't prepared to give up their dreams of having their own homeland... and there is nothing that Maliki can do - even if he wanted to - to change this dynamic.