Monday, August 20, 2007

Another thought on the TNR-Beauchamp kerfuffle...

According to this story, Beauchamp proposed to a German woman named Priscilla in August 2006. According to Priscilla, they were engaged for 8 months, with Beauchamp breaking off the engagement no earlier than May 2007. Beauchamp is now married to Elsbeth Reeve, a TNR factchecker, and, again according to Priscilla, Beauchamp married Reeve shortly after breaking off his engagement with Priscilla. Let's assume they got married no earlier than May. His first bogus piece appeared in TNR in January 2007.

If, as is suggested, TNR went easy on him because of his 'relationship' with Reeve, this means Beauchamp was dating Reeve at the same time he was engaged to Priscilla. It's actually worse: if his first piece appeared in January, this means that Reeve and Beauchamp had to have been an 'item' for at least sometime before that.... which means that Beauchamp started seeing Reeve almost as soon as he got engaged to Priscilla. It also means, assuming one believes Priscilla that Beauchamp, while he knew Reeve from college, didn't have a romantic interest in her until just recently, this means that Reeve agreed to marry Beauchamp after a rather brief courtship (no more than a few months), with most of the courtship taking place while Beauchamp was deployed overseas.

Setting aside the question of what Reeve now thinks about her husband, now knowing not only that he lied in his 'reporting', but that he had started dating her while he was engaged to someone else, I also have to ask: who gets married these days just a few months after starting to date someone, especially when their 'one and only' is stationed overseas? Just how desperate was she - and he - to get married?

Is another shoe - or baby (just one reason people have to rush getting married) about to drop?