Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Repeat after me, there is NO GOOD REASON to cheer for Barry Bonds...

There are lots of reasons to root against him. Rooting against him shows that we dislike people who break the spirit of the rules. Rooting against him shows a signal that we dislike assholes. Rooting against him shows that we'd much prefer the Home Run Champion be a class act like Hank Aaron and not a spoiled, mean jerk like Bonds.

And there are no good reasons to root for him.

To the Giants fans who root for him because he is 'one of yours', you're rooting for a guy who is only in San Francisco because he gets paid lots of money to be there. Were another team to offer him a better deal, you think he's sticking around because of you, that he couldn't bear to give up the charms of your city, that he couldn't bear to give up hanging out with the fans? Dream on.

To the baseball fans who root for him because they want to say they witnessed history in the making, get a life. Do you think your life is going to be one iota better because you were at the game, watched it on TV or read about it in the next day's paper? Answer: it won't.

To the baseball fans who root for him because 'steroids or not, that is still a lot of home runs he's hit', you're missing the point. Had it not been for the steroids he still refuses to admit having taken, he would be nowhere near passing Aaron. So, by your acknowledging these bogus home runs, you're declaring that you only care about results and not the process by which those results come by. That is a lousy position to take, whether as to baseball or any other part of life. Didn't your parents teach you better than that?

To blacks who root for him out of some sort of racial solidarity, get over feeling bad because some black somewhere does something wrong and get over feeling good because some black somewhere did something good. Bond's actions and so-called achievements, whether good or bad, shouldn't matter in the least as to how you think of yourself. By the way, and in the same way, Michael Vick's actions don't reflect badly on blacks as a whole, they reflect on spoiled, immature professional athletes who refuse to conduct themselves as proper members of society. Note: This isn't a characteristic peculiar to blacks. Way too many groups of people seem to be way too wrapped up in how 'their people' are doing.

For those toadies who make up his entourage and are rooting for him in hopes that his breaking the record will result in him coughing up even more of his paycheck to support you leeches, you are all a bunch of whores, selling out whatever principles you might have had in return for some money.

And to everybody else who wants to root for him, I can say, even without knowing your reason, that you're wrong to do so.

It's not considered polite to root for something bad to happen to him. I disagree, there are some people for whom we really ought to wish something bad to happen. It's all a question of who and what: which people deserve bad things to happen to them and what bad things should happen to them.

For someone like Bin Laden, a cruel and long death is alright by me. For Democratic members of Congress, an allergic reaction ever time they set foot in Washington would be okay by me. For Bonds, a season ending - and career ending - injury would be just fine.