Monday, July 16, 2007

For all the talk and claims that our troops are fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq, this WaPo article reports that an awful lot of our focus is still spent on dealing with intramural fighting among the Iraqis.

As I've said before, it would be fine if our troops were going after Al Qaeda. They're scum and deserved to be eradicated wherever they are found, whether it be in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, here in the United States, or elsewhere.

And I've said before, every US soldier devoted to 'keeping the peace' in Iraq is one less soldier available to go after Al Qaeda. Think of how much safer WE, with 'we' defined as Americans, would be if ALL of our efforts were devoted to going after these terrorists and if NONE of our efforts were wasted on silly nation building.

But doing so would mean abandoning Bush's silly venture in Iraq to build some type of democratic beacon of hope that inspires all of the world to give up terrorism... and that, unfortunately, is something neither he, nor his kool-aid drinking supporters will ever agree to do.

So we're left with the worst possible situation. Our troops are being killed on pretty much a daily basis trying to keep the peace between people who don't want peace... and our real enemies, having to deal with only a fraction of our capabilities, are able to regroup and plan for their next attacks on the United States.

I really don't think any of the clowns and fools running for President (especially those on the Democratic side) are going to be a whole lot better than Bush in focusing our efforts on our real enemies... but it is real hard to imagine that they'd be any worse.

Just counting the days until January 2008...