Friday, July 06, 2007

Drudge is linking to a poll that purports to show that less than half of America is against the House of Representatives starting impeachment proceedings against Bush (with even fewer opposed to starting proceedings against Cheney).

This isn't surprising. There aren't too many people outside of Bush's immediate family and those he has on the public payroll (Tony Snow, are you reading?) who are sticking by him.

But, per the article, "Democratic leaders appear unlikely to pursue such a course".

That's an outrage! Shouldn't the people get what they want? Aren't our representatives in Washington to do the 'people's work'?

And it's not as if our politicians have a long track record of ignoring the public. The Democrats, citing polls (here's one that show a majority of Americans don't support Bush), have been trying to force Bush to bring troops home from Iraq. Congress, bowing to public pressure, tabled immigration reform. Ditto on issue after issue: gun control, where the relatively few anti-gun folks have gotten nowhere, abortion, where the relatively few who want all sorts of restrictions, are outnumbered by those who like it the way it is, and taxes, where the number of those looking to raise taxes are in the minority.

So why aren't the Democrats doing what the people want? Call your congressman and tell him or her you want them doing what the people want.... and if the people want Bush impeached, then we want to see some impeachment proceedings getting started... real quick.