Friday, June 08, 2007

Perhaps we owe Ted Kennedy some thanks?

Not over the immigration bill, mind you, but for spearheading the effort that kept Robert Bork off the Supreme Court.

Sure, conservatives were mightily upset when it happened, seeing as Bork was supposed to be our dream Justice.

But it looks like Bork may have only been masquerading as a conservative legal scholar.

For what kind of minimalist sues for damages because he falls down?

The guy falls down and hurt himself trying to climb up on the podium to give a speech and is now suing the Yale Club, the host of the event, because they were allegedly negligent for not putting in a set of stairs.

C'mon! Bork knew what he was doing when he tried to climb onto the podium. This isn't as if there was some defect in the stairs that he was unaware of. He knew there were no stairs, and when he tried to climb up, he (should of) assumed all the risk of hurting himself. Nobody forced him to climb up. He could have said no, that he wasn't going to risk hurting himself. But he didn't do the right thing, and now he wants the Yale Club to write him a big check to make him feel better.

Someone tell me that the Founding Fathers would have done such a thing. Tell me that they would see nothing wrong with this lawsuit.

Just as (now) Chief Justice Roberts once wrote that just because he doesn't like a particular law doesn't mean that law is unconstitutional, Bork should know that getting hurt doesn't automatically mean someone else is at fault.

And since he apparently doesn't know this, I'm glad he is not on the Supreme Court. Thanks Teddy.