Thursday, June 28, 2007

I helped the Democrats win control of Congress.... and I ended up with is a losing cloture vote?

Before last fall's election, I wrote that Bush might not have been too unhappy to see the Democrats take over control of Congress, as that would make it a lot more likely that he would be able to pass his amnesty for illegal immigrants. He wasn't getting anywhere with the GOP running the House and having a majority in the Senate... and, as immigration 'reform' was (and still is) Bush's #1 non-Iraq policy, he might have figured that it might be worth dealing with all of the other problems associated with the Democrats taking over - the subpoenas, investigations, threats to cut off funding for the Iraq war, etc. - in order to get his pet project moving.

Now, with immigration reform, at least of the type Bush wanted, having gone down in flames, I wonder the extent to which Bush might be regretting not having done more to keep the GOP in control of Congress...