Wednesday, May 02, 2007

To John Hawkins's list of the pluses and minuses of George Bush's presidency, I have added the following:

Minus: the $100 billion Bush pledged to rebuild New Orleans in a pathetic response to his having mismanaged the aftermath in the first place. In doing so, he totally abandoned conservative principles that hold people and localities responsible for their own stupidity.

Minus: basing his invasion of Iraq on anything more than the need to get rid of Hussein and eliminate whatever WMDs Hussein may have had. Had he not done so, we wouldn't still be there waiting for his glorious democracy to spring up to inspire everyone around the world to give up terrorism.

Minus: his asking the UN for permission to go after Iraq. by doing so, he left himself open to criticism by going ahead and attacking after the UN refused to approve military action.

Minus: justifying the invasion of Iraq on 'knowing' that Hussein had WMDs rather than because we weren't and couldn't be sure that Hussein didn't. Had he not done so, much, if not all, of the 'bush lied' meme would have been dead in the water.

Minus: Bush has NOT been a strong supporter of Israel, exemplified by his continuing to push Israel to make concessions to terrorists, by his criticism of their 'targeted' attacks and by restraining them during their attack against Hezbollah. How many times have we seen him telling Israel not to do what we reserve the right to do for ourselves?

Minus: Throwing hundreds of billions of dollars in additional federal spending as part of NCLB, instead of insisting on merely instituting testing and parental choice.

Minus: sitting on his butt for two plus years doing nothing while Iran continues to develop its nuclear weapons.

Minus: assuming the 2004 elections were a ratification of him, rather than, as was the case, a rejection of Kerry (they're not the same thing).

Minus: not spending any time during the better part of 6+ years working on eliminating the speech quirks and mannerisms that drive people, and not just those with BDS, crazy. C'mon, does anyone really it is good to have a President who has trouble getting the words out of his mouth?

Minus: panicking at the relative handful of corporate scandals early in his first term (Kenny Boy in particular) and allowing the Democrats to steamroll him into signing Sarbanes Oxley and allowing his Justice Department to run roughshod over corporations and corporate officers, instead of just letting the system deal with things.

Minus: got too friendly with Putin. Ended up looking like a fool.

Minus: Took Colin Powell on as SecState and kept him there for far too long. Powell more than anyone else undercut Bush as far as Iraq went.

As for the postives to add, I'll let you know if I can think of any...