Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Queen of England is coming to the DC area for a visit of some sorts and apparently us 'commoners' are freaking out over how to deal with her. Per the Washington Post, people are fretting over what to wear, what to serve, what to say and so on.

C'mon people, she ain't our queen. We're not her subjects. We don't answer to her. We didn't elect her to anything. She can't lop off our heads.

She is an old lady who the people of England, for some very strange reason, and by virtue of her lineage, have decided to treat as a demi-god. That the English are afflicted with this mental shortcoming does not in any way obligate us to go along with their delusions that this lady, again by virtue of her birth, ought to be treated as, yes, royalty. Let's not forget that it was her ancestors whose tyranny so inspired our Founding Fathers to give King George III the royal raspberry.

Treat her as you would any other foreign dignitary coming for a visit. Wear clean clothes, don't curse and don't show her pictures from your vacation to the Grand Canyon.

Screw the curtsying. Screw the State Department's expert on 'royal protocol'. Screw worrying about what hat to wear.

She's a queen... but she ain't our queen. If the Brits want to put her on a pedestal, that is their right, but we're not obligated to play along.