Monday, May 07, 2007

Just as I opposed spending federal dollars rebuilding New Orleans after Katrina, I oppose using federal money to rebuild the areas damaged by tornadoes this past weekend.

First, it's a disaster, but not a federal disaster; the affected states ought to be the ones coming up with the money. Federal funding ought to be devoted to issues of national importance, and as sad as these things are, the damage is pretty much a local issue. Kansas is not without money, so if the good people of Kansas want to chip in to help their neighbors, then they're free to do so.

Second, there is something wrong about subsidizing people to live where there is a strong likelihood that we'll see a replay in the not-too-distant future. Just as it's not much of a stretch to predict New Orleans will suffer more hurricane damage, so too does it not take much imagination to figure that we'll be reading about more Kansas towns being damaged by tornadoes. If people want for one reason or another to live where they are in danger from the environment - whether it be floods, tornadoes, wildfires or earthquakes - then they ought to be the ones to pick up the entire tab when Mother Nature shows her bad side.