Monday, May 07, 2007

It's not, as John Edwards feels, his wealth that is hurting his credibility, it's that he is such a lightweight that is costing him among potential voters...

It's not that he has$400 to spend on haircuts, it's that nobody can figure why a guy would want to spend $400 on a haircut... let alone do it twice.

It's not that he is building a huge expensive house, it's that he doesn't realize he looks like an idiot for suggesting that others ought to be curtailing their energy usage.

It's not that he is rich, it is that he became rich by being a trial attorney... and no matter how much they're liked by those they represent, most of America thinks of trial attorneys as being people that we would just as soon have as little to do with as possible... especially when they're lightweights who spend $400 on haircuts.