Monday, May 07, 2007

I wonder if getting immunity is going to be enough for Monica Goodling, Gonzales' former counsel at DOJ, to testify before Congress about what she knew about the firing of the eight US Attorneys...

As I recall, she wasn't refusing to testify before Congress because she had done something wrong, she was refusing because of fears her testimony would be used as fodder for the Democrats to charge her with perjury, the so-called 'perjury trap' (in the same way Libby wasn't charged with a crime for anything he had testified about, he was charged because Fitzgerald didn't like his testimony).

And getting immunity doesn't innoculate her from that threat. While she couldn't be charged with a crime relating to something she testified about, she could still be charged with perjury if her testimony was untruthful. And with her being (and legitimately so) afraid the Democrats in Congress will charge her with perjury unless she piles on Gonzales and Bush and accuses them of breaking the law (for that, the Democrats just know in their hearts, is what happened), unless she plans to do just that, I don't see her testifying.

We'll see....