Friday, May 18, 2007

All in all, a lousy week for conservatives...

The White House jettisoned Wolfowitz at the World Bank. Bush and some supposed Republicans signed off on an illegal alien amnesty bill. American soldiers continued to die in Iraq. Pelosi moved to change the House debate rules to further diminish the GOP ability to influence legislation, and with nary a peep from the GOP. The current batch of contenders for the GOP Presidential nomination continue to be unimpressive. Gas prices continue to rise and Bush responds, not with orders to open up exploration and development, nor with a proposal to freeze, if not roll back, gasoline taxes, but with an executive order mandating higher gas mileage for cars and light trucks. Iran continued its work towards a nuclear bomb. Congress approved a $2.9 trillion budget that contains billions and billions and billions of new and totally unneeded spending.

And this week's episode of 24 came pretty close to farce. A crew from Division shows up at 3 in the morning, not to help find the critical Russian microchip, but rather to conduct some kind of security review. Grandpa Bauer prattles on about how he's going to abandon the United States for China. The acting President orders Baby Bauer yanked from his family in order to sell him off into bondage. The Russians, scared that the Chinese have the chip that compromises the entire Russian defense system, threaten to attack the United States, even though the United States has two of those chips in its possession and could conceivably do to the Russians what the Russians are afraid the Chinese would do.

Well, at least the stock market continued to go up. And I got myself a new expensive toy to play with.