Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Walter Murphy, supposedly a respected law school professor, has gone off the deep end with his story of being placed on the TSA no-fly list because of his political criticism of Bush.

Here's a link to the story and a link to some of the debunking of Murphy's story, including the fact that if he was truly on a no-fly list, he would not have been able to fly; that if he was targeted, it would be extremely unlikely that his status would have been changed by the time of his return flight; that a ticket counter clerk would have any idea as to why someone was on a no-fly list and so on and so on.

What I'd like to do is question those who consider Murphy to be a legal star.

At what point does a person's going off the deep end on something like this deny them of the ability to ask them to take us seriously elsewhere?

Murphy is definitely missing a few light bulbs. So how does one take him seriously anywhere? Isn't there a point where one's mental shortcomings and/or delusions are so severe that it ought to be impossible to take seriously anything the guy claims, in this case, his views on the law? How comfortable should his students feel about what he is teaching them, knowing as they do that he has fallen off the rocker?

Or maybe Murphy isn't really suffering from being a charter member of the tin-foil hat brigade. Perhaps Murphy doesn't really believe the things he has said about being placed on a no-fly list... but was merely trying to crack a joke (at Bush's expense) about his having to undergo an enhanced security check during the first leg of his trip.... only to find that his story got picked up by blogs across the globe.... and, rather than fess up and admit he was making a joke, he doubled down and dug in his heels and is trying to stick by a story that, unfortunately for him, was implausible to begin with and ever more so as more experts weigh in with their indisputable explanations of why his story doesn't hold water? And the more his story is destroyed, the more he feels the pressure - from all his ideological travelers who have invested so much into believing his story - to stick by his guns that he adds even more outrageous elements to the story, which in turn invites even more criticism and ridicule...

What, you say, nobody does anything like that? You say that people always fess up rather than let things get out of hand?

Well.... in response, I have four words for you:

Tawana Brawley --- Crystal Mangum.