Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Some thoughts on Pelosi's visit to Syria...

Given that Syria is helping those killing Americans in Iraq (and elsewhere), how is Pelosi's trip any different than Jane Fonda's visit to North Vietnam?

Under what demented reading of the Constitution does Pelosi think she can justify her trip? Conducting foreign policy falls to the President, and especially since she has absolutely no chance of ever being elected President, the only way she'll ever become President is if both Bush and Cheney fall over dead. Is she hoping/expecting something is going to happen in the not too distant future?

Other than annoying Bush, what does Pelosi hope to accomplish by her trip? Did she think she would get Syria to stop aiding those killing Americans? Or was she there to tell Assad that she would do all she could to keep Bush from taking action against Syria for their involvement with those killing Americans?

And while Bush was critical of Pelosi's trip, other Republicans in Congress have been rather silent. Why hasn't McConnell piped in? Why hasn't Boehner stood up and criticized her? Is this another case, as happened when then-Speaker Hastert criticized the FBI raid on bribe-taking Jefferson's office, where the Members of Congress stick together, especially since some GOP Members of Congress have made their own trips to Syria?