Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So not only was NJ Governor Jon Corzine, in violation of NJ law, not wearing his seatbelt, but the SUV he was in was going 91 miles an hour (in a 65 mile an hour zone) at the time it crashed last week.

26 miles over the posted speed limit! There is absolutely no justification for anyone not heading to a hospital or engaged in hot pursuit of a violent criminal to drive that fast and that much over the posted speed limit (the equivalent of driving 51 in a residential area).

And while not wearing a seatbelt! What an idiot. And to think the people of New Jersey elected an idiot like him to run their state for the next four years (people who demonstrate idiocy in one aspect of their lives are guaranteed to exhibit it in others). And to think people living in Jersey wonder why they don't get any respect...