Wednesday, April 25, 2007

On the way to work today, I thought I'd ask a simple question: Other than Iraq, is Bush doing ANYTHING to make conservatives happy?

Is he pushing tax relief? A rollback of redundant and/or unnecessary federal programs? An end to Congressional earmarks, anonymous or otherwise? An end to, or even a phaseout, of affirmative action? Pushing the nomination of conservative judges? Decrying the corruption on the Hill? Anything?

I know the Democrats have control of Congress and that obviously makes it harder for a Republican President to get his initiatives enacted. But there is a certain PR aspect that Bush needs to acknowledge: the more Bush pushes, the more the GOP base gets excited, and angry with the Democrats standing in the way of popular programs. Bush also has an opportunity to demonstrate to moderate voters that the Democrats are on the wrong side of many major issues as well as irresponsible and not to be trusted with power.

So it Bush doing ANYTHING?

Yeah, I know, the fact that I am asking this question is evidence that he is not. He has, as op-ed columnist David Ignatius writes hunkered down in the White House "bunker" " ...destroying what's left of (his) Presidency".

He's become our Jimmy Carter.