Friday, April 20, 2007

Of course, the right has its own share of idiots, in this case, Republican Congressmen and longshot Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo, who argues that Harry Reid should be "held responsible for the deaths of all American soldiers in Iraq from now on after Reid said the war there is "lost".

What kind of warped thinking can lead someone to think this? One may disagree with Reid's assessment of the war, as well as think that it was wrong for Reid to make his comments so publicly, but Reid ain't the one shooting at and killing our troops, he ain't the one triggering the IEDs which are killing our troops.

And not that it would be right to do so, but if Tancredo really wants to hold someone other than the true killers responsible for the deaths of American soldiers, why not look to the guy who has put them in the proverbial crosshairs? Answer: because he ain't going to win any GOP primary votes doing that.

It is worth noting that Tancredo's attempt to blame Reid for American deaths in Iraq comes so soon after America has affixed blame for the Va Tech shootings squarely where it belongs, on the killer, and has refrained from casting about for someone else to hold responsible (with the exception of E.J. Dionne, who tries mightedly to blame Republicans). America knows who to hold responsible for death: the person who pulls the trigger or triggers the bomb.

Tis a shame Tancredo is either being so crassly political or has so lost sight of reality that he resorts to uttering such stupidity.