Sunday, April 22, 2007

Note the inconsistency..... part too many to count...

How does one square claims that the Va Tech killer and the Va Tech killer alone is responsible for his actions... with the argument that NBC showing the Va Tech's videos will spur copycats and others seeking attention to commit similar acts of lunacy?

Are NBC's critics really arguing along the lines of "People don't kill people, videos kill people?"

And if one wants to argue that NBC should never have shown the videos because it might stimulate others to act on their delusions, then what is the justification for opposing other steps which could minimize the number and/or severity of attacks such as this?

Not to pick on poor Ace, but in the space of just two minutes he goes from pooh poohing claims that the killings were caused by videogames to (at least in part) putting the blame for today's shootings at NASA on NBC for their having aired the Va Tech killer's videos.

Note: I opposed NBC showing the videos, just as I opposed putting his picture on the front page of newspapers and (as I suspect will be the case) on the front page of next week's newsmagazines... but not because I am afraid others will go crazy looking for their (likely posthumous) turn in the spotlight, but rather because I think our airtime and ink ought to be devoted to the the victims and not the perpetrators of horrendous crimes such as this.