Monday, April 02, 2007

More inconsistency on the right....

Conservatives have fallen all over themselves calling for prosecutions against those involved in leaking government secrets to the media. They, and rightfully so, wonder why no charges have been brought against those who leaked the secret of the CIA's secret jails in Eastern Europe and why nobody has been charged with a crime for leaking the details of the SWIFT anti-terrorism program.

Yet they were, for the most part, lined up on the side of the leakers when it came to the Plame brouhaha. Even though her position was secret and not to be divulged (whether or not she was 'covert' under one or the other of the secrecy laws is irrelevant), I read very few conservatives who argued that it was improper for Administration officials to disclose her identity.

And they've likewise lined up on the side of the leakers (here, and the commenters here, to cite just a couple) with their criticism of the prosecution of a Pentagon analyst and two lobbyists for their involvement in passing along to the media classified information regarding a supposed "imminent, Iran-directed assault on American troops and Israeli agents in Iraq".

I don't care if Israel is our friend. I don't care if the FBI pretty much set these three guys up. These guys passed along what they believed to be classified material to people they knew were not authorized to receive it. They might have thought that what they were doing was 'right' but they also knew it was against the law. And for that, they ought to be convicted... and serve time. And, hopefully, next to those who leaked the stories I mentioned at the beginning of this post...

UDPATE: I inserted the bolded language above to clarify that I was talking about the commentors at JOM and not to the wonderful author of that wonderful blog. And per the below comment, I should have said 'some' conservatives and not implied that all conservatives were inconsistent. Sorry for not having one of my pajamas clad editors take a look before I hit the post button.