Friday, April 27, 2007

Michael Novak claims there is no civil war in Iraq, that the violence there is "a limited, strategic, and tactical ploy whereby foreigners try desperately to inflame Iraqis against one another" and that Al Qaeda (primarily Sunni) started attacking Iraqi Shiites, not because of religious differences, but rather in order to provoke the Shiites into retaliating against the Iraqi Sunnis.

Well, if so, and I have no reason to doubt Novak's assessment of Al Qaeda's strategy, it has worked, and probably better than the masterminds could have hoped for.

There is a civil war going on right now in Iraq. Understanding the cause may be important and critical to figuring out how to stop it. But however it came to be, Shiites are going after Sunnis and vice versa... and our troops are caught - and dying - in the middle of this mess.