Thursday, April 12, 2007

I suspect I'm like many people in that my mood definitely varies depending on whether the news of the day is what I would consider good or whether I view it is not so good...

And yesterday was a good day in that, as not only were the charges dropped against the Duke lacrosse players but Roy Cooper, the North Carolina Attorney General who made the decision to dismiss the charges, totally blasted Nifong and the Durham Police Department for their attempt to railroad the three players. It was also nice to see some media outlets start to broadcast the name of the woman who made up the story that got this whole sad affair rolling.

Unfortunately, there have been too many bad days lately. Despite Bush's surge, and notwithstandng McCain's claims that it is working, the headlines of the past couple of weeks sure seem identical to the headlines of a year ago... and of two years ago. American troops are still getting killed. The insurgents/terrorists are still operating where they want, when they want. If what is going on now is considered good news and progress, I'd hate to see what Bush would consider bad news.

We're still treated to the steady drip of bad news regarding the Administration's firing of eight US Attorneys, a spectacle, I need to remind you, that would have and should have been avoided had Bush and his team had the least amount of competence and confidence.

We're watching Bush lobby for - and make progress towards - his 'let's-not-call-it-amnesty' amnesty program for illegal aliens.

We've been watching Nancy Pelosi and her gang of idiots ride off and cozy up to some of the worst sponsors of terrorism in the world... and the best the White House can do is issue a rather weak statement condemning her actions. And we get to see John Kerry, the guy who almost was President, portray Bush, and not the terrorists, as the enemy the Democrats need to stay strong against... and with nary a word of condemnation from anybody at the White House.

And sometimes the bad news is in what I don't read because nothing is happening. It's been months since Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson was caught with $90,000 in bribe money in his freezer... and there are still no charges. It's been weeks since news broke that California Senator Dianne Feinstein sent billions of dollars in contracts to the companies her husband was involved in... and nary a word of protest from Hill Republicans, not a word from the major networks. It's been months since West Virginia Congressman Alan Mollohan was implicated in taking income from those receiving federal money... and there have been no indictments and Mollohan continues to dole out money to his favored recipients.

So I'll take yesterday's little victory - not for the players, for whom yesterday was a really big deal, but in the big scheme of things - and see how long I can nurse those good feelings through what I am sure is going to be another long stretch of bad news.