Monday, April 16, 2007

I don't doubt the story, but why are we just now learning that back in 2001 - nine months before 9/11 - the French informed the CIA that Al Qaeda was "plotting a hijacking — possibly involving a U.S. airline"?

Yes, it's true, as a CIA spokeman said today in what I'll take as a rather defensive way, that this "merely repeats what the U.S. government knew and reported before Sept. 11 — that al-Qaida was interested in airliner plots, especially hijackings".

But given how much has been written about all of the people who missed the opportunity to take more seriously the threat from Al Qaeda - both the general threat they posed as well as the specific threat of airline hijackings - how is it possible that his little tidbit just surfaced now? And not from an American media outlet, but rather from Le Monde, a French newspaper?

How is it that not a single US-based media outlet - no newspaper, no newsmagazine, no network news organization - picked this up? How is it that not a single one of the MSM's CIA sources - you know, the ones who leaked stories about prisons in Eastern Europe, among other items of note - ever mentioned a word of this?

How is it that the specifics of this never came up in any of the many, many investigations by Congressional committees and Presidential commissions?

And I wonder: is it possible that despite all of the investigations that have supposedly written the book on what was known and by whom, that the CIA still is holding back information about what it knew - and when it knew it - about Al Qaeda's plans to attack the United States?