Tuesday, April 24, 2007

For a number of reasons, it's refreshing that Harry Reid called Cheney an attack dog...

I've never been a fan of politicians being all nice and cozy with those on the other side of the ideological aisle. To me, for far too long, the Members of Congress have been more interested in getting along with one another than with advancing their constituents' agenda. Reid calling Cheney names is indicative that at least the Democrats acknowledge that being nice to the other side just isn't that important to them (whether the GOP will ever get this is an open question, but I'm not optimistic that the GOP will ever do so).

I'm not advocating name-calling for the sake of name-calling. But Congress isn't a debating club, where the members are assigned one side or the other of an issue to argue, usually without any consideration of whether the member personally agrees with the position they're asked to defend, and where a trophy is giving to the team that the judges deem to have done the best job. Congress has some pretty serious issues before it and the ramifications of what they do are a bit more consequential than whether or not a trophy gets to sit in the school's trophy case.

And when the ramifications are this high, it is time to put away the velvet gloves and start hitting with clenched fists...