Friday, April 20, 2007

For an example of how far off-the-charts-crazy supporters of the Iraq war have gone, look no further than Bush's consigliere, Karl Rove, who declared that pulling out of Iraq will lead to terrorist attacks here at home...

Does Rove really think we face a threat from the Iraqis who are now killing Iraqis, whether it be the Sunnis who are going after Shiites or vice versa? Their gripe is with each other, not with the United States. To the extent they target US forces, it is only because they feel the US is helping the other side; the Shiites feel we're protecting the Sunnis and allowing them to retain too much power and the Sunnis are upset that we're allowing the Shiites to take the power that the Sunnis feel is rightfully theirs to keep. Were we not in Iraq, it's not as if they'd stop trying to kill one another and start looking for ways to come to America; they'd have a clear shot at each other and would have absolutely no reason to bother trying to kill Americans.

And does Rove really think we face much of a threat here at home from the untrained religious fanatics who have made their way to Iraq in order to try to kill Americans? Doesn't Rove realize that it's one thing to grab a ride from Jordan or Yemen to Iraq to offer up oneself as a suicide bomber, it's a whole different game trying to get into America and do any damage? While I will stipulate that the lunatics would love to come here, it's not in the cards; they have neither the money, the skills or the contacts to get to America, let alone do any damage. Put another way, our troops in Iraq are low-hanging fruit; it doesn't take much skill to pick them off. Coming to America, however, requires a skill set that the vast majority of the would-be martyrs simply don't possess.

And the point the kool-aid drinkers seem to miss with their 'we need to fight them in Iraq so we don't have to fight them at home' rhetoric is that our having troops in Iraq isn't the reason we haven't been attacked at home. The reason we haven't been attacked here in the United States is because the crazies who would like to do so have been unable to do so. Does Rove really think that Al Qaeda has tabled its plans to strike at America because we're in Iraq? (If he does, he is an idiot). Doesn't he realize that Al Qaeda knows that an attack here at home would be far more devastating to our economy and national psyche than any number of attacks on American soldiers in Iraq? (If he doesn't, he is an idiot). Doesn't he know that if Al Qaeda could attack us, they would, and regardless of whether we had troops in Iraq? (If he doesn't, he is an idiot).

I don't know if the Islamic crazies have been unable to attack us at home because they haven't been able to get into America or because they haven't been able to amass the weapons they need or because they're still trying to think of a worthy follow-up to 9/11 or because they're laying low thinking the FBI is monitoring their conversations and is ready to pounce or because our torturing of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay is providing us with the leads to catch the terrorists before they can strike... but I will bet dollars to donuts that the merciful time we've had since 9/11 has absolutely NOTHING to do with our having troops in Iraq.... absolutely nothing.

(Unfortunately) the terrorists will attack America when they're ready and able to do so... and, (again unfortunately) for those drinking the Bush kool aid, their being ready and able to do so has nothing to do with whether we have troops in Iraq.