Monday, April 16, 2007

Even if we acknowledge that Wall Street Reporter Daniel Pearl was murdered by Islamic terrorists because he was Jewish (as opposed to any number of other reasons that could apply), I still think it wrong to include his name on a wall that contains the names of victims of the Holocaust.

Yes, as his father says, "there is a common thread of hatred" between those who killed his son and the Nazis responsible for the Holocaust. But so what? Lots of people over the years have been killed because they were Jewish and their names don't belong on a memorial dedicated to the memory of those killed by the Germans.

The Holocaust was, in a perverse use of the word, a 'special' event. It needs to be remembered for what it was, a systemic attempt by Hitler to rid Europe of Jews. It is but a chapter in the history of anti-Semitism, it is not a catch-all for anti-Semitic acts of violence all throughout history.

Sorry, Mr Pearl, but if you want a memorial for your son, do it somewhere else. Don't lessen the significance of the Holocaust by including other instances of anti-Semitic terror. This wall is to remember Holocaust victims... victims of the Holocaust.