Friday, April 20, 2007

E.J. Dionne, who for some reason is often described as the least loony of the Washington Post's liberal op-ed writers, asks the question: "Why do we have the same futile argument every time there is a mass killing?"

Well, maybe it's because gun control advocates such as Dionne keep coming up with loony suggestions. His proposals, such as informing the school if one of their students buys a gun and renewing the ban on 'assault weapons', are all are what I'd describe as 'no good feel good' proposals.... they won't do any good but at least the gun control crowd will be happy because they've done something.

What good would it have done if Va Tech was notified that the soon-to-be killer had purchased a weapon? It's not as if the school was going to have the police follow him around campus, it's not as if the school was going to conduct surprise searches of his room, it's not as if the school was going to let those who crossed his path arm themselves. And just how is a gun dealer to know if a 23 year old wishing to purchase a gun is a student in the first place?

What good would have renewing the assault weapons ban done in this case? The weapons used don't meet the criteria of assault weapons.

And as far as Dionne's suggestion to raise the age at which one can legally purchase a gun, does he really think that would have stopped the killer - who had spent so much time preparing for his grand exit - from carrying out his plans?

I think Dionne is smart enough to know that none of his proposals would do much to stop or deter these type of attacks; he's fully capable of looking at each mass shooting over the past number of years and realizing that each and every one of the killers would have proceeded, albeit in a different manner, had his 'reasonable' gun control proposals been in force.

What Dionne is doing is using this tragedy as a partisan club to attack the people he hates more than anyone else: conservatives. He's hoping to get the public, in its sadness and with its desire to hold someone in addition to the shooter responsible, will not note the deficiencies in his proposals, but will instead show their disgust for the evil Republicans by supporting the 'good guys', the Democrats who are only asking for 'reasonable' restrictions to be placed on the sale and ownership of guns.

That's pathetic.