Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The British have taken some heat, and deservedly so, for their utterly impotent response to the Iranians kidnapping 15 British soldiers.

And now we'll see, notwithstanding Bush's cry over the weekend that Iran release the captives, whether the United States is going to stand tall or fold in the face of a little pressure like the rest of the world.

It seems that one of Iran's demands for releasing the hostages is that Iranians being held in Iraq be released. Some of these Iranians are either in US hands or being held by the American-maintained Iraqi government.

Will Bush stand firm and refuse to let go those suspected of aiding in the killing of American troops? Or will he fold in the face of pressure from a supposed ally and allow the Iranians to be set free?

I'm guessing the latter, especially in light of the light sentence given to David Hicks, the Australian terrorist, who was described as very dangerous, but ended up, perhaps because of pressure put on Bush by the Australian Prime Minister, getting a rather light sentence.