Monday, April 09, 2007

As nice a guy as Paul might be (he's a Terps fan!), I am afraid he's been drinking too much kool-aid if he thinks Al-Sadr ordering his militia to attack US forces is a sign the surge is working...

I disagree that Al-Sadr has ordered a surge of his own because he's afraid of being marginalized. The guy is nothing if not opportunistic; he attacks when he thinks he can get away with it and he hides when he thinks he needs to.

His first reaction to Bush's surge, not knowing what might happen and preparing for the worst, was to take off and hide in Iran. And now, notwithstanding some claims that the surge is working because casualties are down (even with another 10 US dead over the weekend), Al-Sadr seems to think that whatever it was that he was afraid of isn't going to happen and that it's all upside for him to order his militias back into the fray.

And I would think that Paul, as well as the other few remaining supporters of this conflict, would be hesitant to claim that the ______ fill in the blank with the name of Bush's latest 'strategy' for winning ______ is in fact winning. Over the past three plus years, we've watched any number of Administration officials and military leaders get up and announce that things are looking up.... only to, within a not-very-long time, have to watch yet another Administration official and/or military leader get up and announce, in light of the failure of the previous strategies, yet another approach for getting the violence in Iraq under control.

The sad fact, and one that Bush and Paul are unable and/or unwilling to admit, is that bringing peace to Iraq is just something we can not - and should not- do.