Thursday, April 19, 2007

Apparently, Gonzales is testifying that, while he is Attorney General, he really wasn't that involved in the firings of the eight US Attorneys... which makes me ask two questions: so what was he doing with his time? And why wasn't he paying attention?

The Attorney General doesn't prosecute any cases himself. He doesn't argue in front of the Supreme Court or any of the Courts of Appeals. While he gives speeches, I presume his speeches are written for him. He doesn't give a daily press conference.

So what does the guy do with his time that would have kept him from being more up on these firings? The answer is probably nothing. He could have, but chose not to pay attention. And that is enough for him to have been fired.

Why? Because firing US Attorneys, while not unprecedented, is not a no-big-deal event. This wasn't some silly thing like deciding on the color to paint the halls of the Justice Department. And the responsibility of the Attorney General - as it is for anyone who has a boss - is to pay attention to the not a no-big-deal events, to make sure they're handled properly and in a way that doesn't cause trouble for the boss.

And Gonzales failed miserably to do so. And, not being able to say that this slipped through the cracks as a result of his being too busy on more important, more critical matters, he has no excuse for his failure to protect the boss.

Lucky for Gonzales, the boss he screwed over - President Bush - doesn't seem to care that Gonzales left him so exposed to trouble and ridicule.

We all should be lucky to have a boss who requires so little of us.