Wednesday, March 07, 2007

While I don't think Bush ought to pardon Libby, I certainly don't agree witht the MSM claim that a "pardon brings big risks for Bush"...

What are his critics going to do if he pardons Libby? They can't reverse it nor can they make Bush take it back. They can't drag anybody from the Administration in front of Congress to testify as to what Bush was thinking.

And what would Bush be risking? The Democrats in Congress already don't like Bush and already disagree with just about everything he wants to do so he's not risking the Democrats throwing a fit and blocking Bush-favored legislation that they would otherwise support. They'll throw a fit, but they have nothing to take from Bush that they already haven't taken.

And he is not running for office again, nor is he hoping that someone from his Administration will carry on his (sad) legacy, so, unlike Ford who was denied reelection in large part because of his pardon on Nixon, Bush stopped worrying about what the voters thought of him about five months ago. Nor will the voters punish a GOP nominee because of something Bush did (especially if, as they all should, the GOP candidate blasts Bush for pardoning Libby).

However, having said all that, it sure would be interesting to see the left go ballistic if Bush pardoned Libby. They have next-to-nothing to show for all of the Plame brouhaha and, if Bush pardons Libby, they wouldn't even have the two-bit perjury conviction. Talk about salt in the wound....