Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tony Blair has taken flak for being George Bush's 'poodle', with poodle being defined as 'lackey', for Blair's willingness to go along with Bush on matters opposed by a good number of the British.

Well, it seems like another definition of poodle seems to apply to Blair: that of a 'noisy but, in the end, harmless little nuisance'.

That is pretty much how I think the Mad Mullahs are viewing Blair right now. Blair barks that things will be different if Iran doesn't return their captives... but in the end, the Mad Mullahs know that Blair will do nothing to force their hand.... he will do nothing to make them pay a real price for their actions.

Just as we've seen as far as the Mad Mullahs pursuit of nuclear weapons and their support for attacks against our forces in Iraq, Blair (and Bush) bark a lot but are unwilling to back up their barking with anything substantive.

And it's a shame for, unlike real poodles, both the United States and England have some real teeth... they're just afraid of using them.

And as we've seen time and time again, once you demonstrate an unwillingness to respond to provocations, your enemies will continue to push and push and push.