Thursday, March 08, 2007

Maybe I'm not a right wing extremist?

I scored myself against this list, that, according to Joe Klein, identifies a right wing extremist.

Per Klein, a right wing extremist "exhibits many, but not necessarily all, of the following attributes":

--believes that America is always, in every instance, the ultimate force of moral authority in the world. It's not that we're necessarily the force of moral authority, it's simply that we have the force to impose our version of morality on others.

--believes that Saddam Hussein was linked to 9/11—even if not directly, he was just that sort of guy. I don't know that he was and I don't care if he was. Hussein was an evil man and we're all better off now that he, along with his two sons, are dead.

--sees transnational non-governmental groups like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International as "the next threats" to U.S. sovereignty. Calls them Transies, derisively. No, their only power is what we allow them to have. They have no armies, no ability to force us to do anything.

--doesn't hold a passport, as a matter of principle: there's nothing over there except depravity. I have one... and have used it... on more than one occasion.

--believes that capitalism creates perfect justice, and that any attempt to tax or regulate it constitutes 'social engineering.' (Doesn't believe in evolution, but does believe in social darwinism.) Capitalism doesn't create justice, perfect or otherwise. It is, however, the best economic model. I'm skeptical about evolution, but, in case you wonder, I can't buy into the whole six days bit either.

--believes global warming is a left-wing myth. Don't think it a complete myth but it is overblown.

--believes in the Second Amendment to the Constituion, but has some 'problems' with the First. Sorry, I believe in both... with limits. There's no right to have machine guns, I have no problem with registration and I think the Supreme Court has gone way too far with what it considers speech.

--believes that any form of universal health insurance is socialism, even the tax credit system first proposed by the Heritage Foundation. Universal health insurance is not socialism but I still oppose it.

--believes that there are inferior races. No I don't.

--believes that there are inferior religions.No I don't. There are religions with which I have some major disagreements with. Okay, I have disagreements with them all.

--believes in a global conspiracy led by Jewish bankers, Hollywood executives and journalists. Sorry, no.

--believes, despite the above, that Israel is absolutely wonderful, and that when it achieves full dominion over its Biblical lands—especially Judea and Samaria—a great battle will be fought and Jesus will descend from the clouds. Israel has its flaws and I don't care so much about it gaining full control over its Biblical lands. I just want it to be safe against the crazies who want it destroyed. And I can't even begin to comment about the last part.

--believes that homosexuals are condemned to hell. No. That doesn't mean I want my kids growing up that way.

--only receives news from Fox or right-wing radio talk show hosts. Don't listen to talk radio and, to be honest, Fox really doesn't do a lot of news, at least not when I'm watching TV.

--believes Hillary Clinton is a dangerous radical. Radical? No. Dangerous? Sure, to the extent that she wants to do things that I think would be to my disadvantage.

--regularly uses harsh, vulgar, intolerant language to mock liberals. Harsh? Sometimes. Vulgar? Hopefully not, at least not without lots of astericks. Intolerant? I hope not.

So it seems that I am oh-fer. Does this mean they're going to take my white sheets away from me?