Thursday, March 08, 2007

Katie Couric gets tons of money to come to CBS News and host the evening news because the suits think she has drawing power and will restore ratings glory to the network.

As it turns out, she doesn't. Her ratings are at the bottom, worse than when Bob Schieffer was sitting in the anchor chair. She's failed to draw from either NBC or ABC. Nor has she pulled in non-viewers to watch (at least not beyond the first week or so that she was sitting in the chair).

So what do the suits do? Do they admit their experiment was a failure? Do they admit they misjudged her drawing power? No, they fire the executive producer of the show and bring in someone with a track record that can at best be called 'mixed'.

In doing so, the suits are making the statement that they think Couric's problems have more to do with the way she's been packaged and not with the fact that viewers just don't find her to be more attractive (yes, I used that word intentionally) than the guys sitting in the anchor chair at NBC and ABC... or, for that matter, as attractive as Bob Schieffer.

Something tells me that the musical chairs at CBS won't be put away for quite a while... for if you don't address the true source of a problem, all the fiddling around the edges really won't make much of a difference.