Thursday, March 15, 2007

If anyone needed reminding that the media thinks the universe revolves around it, look no further than the slew of stories (reporting that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confessed to killing WSJ reporter Daniel Pearl. Pretty much every news outlet (AP, CNN, MSNBC) is leading with this particular bit of (supposed) news.

Why? The guy confessed to 31 actual and attempted acts of terrorism. Per this list, many of these attacks killed far more people than the murder of a single reporter. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was responsible for 9/11 (2,900ish deaths), the 1993 WTC bombing (six deaths), a bombing in Kuwait (2 dead American soldiers), the Bali nightclub bombings (202 dead), a Kenya hotel bombing (15 dead) and so on...

Why not feature these crimes as the lead headline? Why the focus on a single dead American newspaper reporter? Sure, it's sad, but the others aren't?