Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Periodically, I hear or read some attorney claiming that they have an obligation, not just to their client, but society as a whole... so is OJ Simpson's attorney simply an exception to this or proof that lawyers owe their allegiance solely to whomever is signing their checks?

The family of one of the two people Simpson killed has been trying to collect on the multi-million dollar civil judgment a jury awarded them against Simpson. Simpson's lawyer seems to relish pouring salt into the wound, evidenced by his recent comments after once again doing his best to keep the Goldman familiy from collecting the money Simpson owes them "They got kicked to the curb again" and "Every door they're banging on gets slammed".

So tell me, how does making comments like this serve the interests of society as a whole? In fact, how does helping Simpson avoid paying the money society says he owes to the Goldman family help the interests of society as a whole?

There's an old expression that as people age, they start looking like their spouse (or, in one version of the story, their dog). Perhaps lawyers start to take on the personality of their clients?