Monday, February 19, 2007

I've always liked Marty Schottenheimer and, notwithstanding my liking of a bunch of the San Diego players like Tomlinson, Rivers and Merriman (GO TERPS!), was prepared to root against them as payback for the owner firing Schottenheimer.

But now they've gone and hired Norv Turner... who I also like a bunch. Not so much that I think Turner is a great head coach but because he was fired by Dan Snyder and thus became, like Schottenheimer, someone I root for.

So.... making sure I have my priorities straight, dislike for Snyder trumps dislike for Spanos' having fired Schottenheimer.... so I'll continue to root for the Chargers.

Note: for anyone who wonders, I refuse to root for local teams just because they play somewhere in the area of where I live, nor do I, as Seinfeld once put it, root for the laundry. I root for - and sometimes against individual players, coaches and owners... which makes it tough someimes as in situations such as this one.