Friday, February 23, 2007

If you don't succeed at first, then let's certainly keep wasting time by trying again... and again... and again...

To no surprise, or, at least not mine, the Mad Mullahs have failed to comply with demands to shut down the nuclear program. It seems that they are far more interested in gaining what they perceive to be the benefits of having nuclear bombs (nuking Israel, blackmailing their neighbors) than they are worried about the potential negative consequences of having the 'international community' mad at them...

And yet Rice continues to ignore reality and, together with her boss, put America at risk by continuing to hope that Iran can be pressured by sanctions into giving up their nuclear program.

Condi, it ain't going to work. There is no sanction - economic or political - that you will ever get the Russians, Chinese, French and Germans to agree to impose that will be severe enough to force the Mad Mullahs to back off. By definition, any sanction you get your supposed allies to agree to will be insufficient to achieve the result we need. And the longer you continue along this path, the longer Iran has to advance its development of nuclear weapons.

It's (past) time to stop playing games in the UN. It's (past) time to stop acting as if our supposed allies will support us. It's time to start looking out for our own interests.