Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I could care less that the Democrats in Congress are pushing resolutions opposed to Bush's troop surge in Iraq...

Who in the world doesn't know that the vast majority of Democrats, and a fair number of Republicans, are opposed to Bush's surge? Who doesn't know that, if they could, the Democrats would pull all the troops out of Iraq now?

And who doesn't know that a non-binding resolution ranks up there as a really 'futile and stupid gesture'?

And who doesn't know that Bush is determined to ignore the Democrats and will do what he wants as long as he is President? Who doesn't know that the troops take their orders from Bush and not from Congress?

It's all a bit ridiculous. What do the Democrats hope to do with their resolution, pass it out at anti-war rallies, frame it and put it on their walls?

So let the Democrats have their vote. Humor them the way parents humor their tantrum-throwing infants. It means nothing. The debate means nothing. Nobody is paying attention.